The Original Mesh Shower Bag for Dorm & Gym, Black, by Saltwater Canvas LLC

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“Into the shower, dry in an hour!” Fill the portable Shower Bag with your shampoo, conditioner, soaps, comb, toothbrush. All your shower goodies now fit into a single bag. The Shower Bag keeps all of your items upright and accessible, so you’ll never have to worry about braving slimy mildew to find your razor. Perfect for the dorm, swimmers, gym members, campers, travelers, RVers, mariners, cruisers, and a quick overnight. The strap located at the back of the Shower Bag allows for easy hang-up in the shower, and a quick dry wherever you store it. Fill it for a gift to reuse for years. The Shower Bag is 9″ tall with a 6.25″ diameter. The doubled strap is 30″ long from end to end. Shape Magazine, 1998: “guaranteed to last longer that your gym membership…”

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