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Suit Juice was designed to aid and ease the entry and exit from all types of wetsuits and dry suits. It removes body oils and acids from the inside of your suit, thus retaining the suit’s appearance and longevity. Suit Juice eliminates chafing, abrasion areas, and uncomfortable rashes to your skin. Designed for triathletes, scuba divers and surfers. Suit Juice has proven to reduce transition time for triathletes up to a 60 percent. Suit Juice is phosphate, talc, methanol and odor free. Suit Juice is recommendeded by Blue Seventy, Aquaman, and Zootsports. Suit Juice application for use, spray the sleeves, necks, legs and cuffs for the easiest entry and exit for optimal results. Chafing and rash prevention, apply to skin or suit to prevent chafing, and any abrasion areas causing an irritable rash or discomfort.

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