Rudy Project Wing57 Aero Triathlon Time Trial Helmet


As the highly anticipated update to the #1 Aero Helmet / TT Helmet worn at the IRONMAN World Championships in Kona for the past four consecutive years, the Wing57 helmet is the ultimate performance helmet. A breakthrough of scientific research, the Wing57 helmet utilizes multiple new technologies including a fully integrated and removable optical shield, a dorsal ridge to change lateral wind force into forward momentum, and the new patented Vortex Killer System which straightens tail air flow and significantly reduces drag. An RSR8 retention system provides on-the-fly, single-handed adjustment, and 6 vents provide maximum ventilation without additional drag. The Wing57 helmet is equipped with two removable vent covers, specifically designed for time trial cycling events and triathlons, as well as an optional magnetic tail fin for maximum aerodynamic performance.

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