There were so many great deals for Black Friday that I am now going to save all my shopping until the next Black Friday rolls around.  Here is my list of stores from this year:

  • Vibram (Trek Ascent Insulated W40, Furoshiki Boot)
  • Lems (Primal 2)
  • Correct Toes (Medium)
  • Injinji Socks (Midweight Run)
  • Empowered Yoga
  • Gone for a run (seasonal costumes)
  • Altra (Provision size 9)
  • Jolyn
  • Coeur (swimsuit didn’t fit so had to send it back – size Small)
  • Dolphin Uglies (compare prices to SwimOutlet)
  • Wattie Ink
  • Costco (water cooler, laptops, phones)
  • Races
  • Flora (50% off Cyber Monday, stocked up on Udo’s Sport Oil and Flax Seeds)
  • Bob’s Red Mill (stock up on Hot Cereal)
  • Babo Botanical (Swim/Sport body wash, shampoo, conditioner)
  • Oofos (Recovery sandal)
  • Hoka (Recovery sandal)
  • Sears (Craftsman bike hooks)
  • Oster
  • Swim Smooth (special deal on 3 month subscription)
  • Tailor Made (80% off logos)

YMCA Delaware no joiner fees in January

Always compare everything with Amazon and Google!