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I purchased the AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless running headphones in February 2020. I took the headphones on every single run I did since then. I took them on speed sessions, trail runs, long runs, brick runs, intervals, treadmills, and every single kind of training run you could imagine. I even raced with them in 5ks and half marathons. It’s now been well over a year with these headphones and my final verdict is that I love them!

Comfortable wireless and lightweight design

Comfort is super-important to me. If something is cutting-edge but not comfortable, I will not use it. These headphones are wireless, so I have no annoying wires hanging around my neck or twisting around my body. They are light as a feather. I barely know I have them on my head.

I love the over-the-ear design. It does not bother my ears at all. Other earbuds hurt my ears by being pushed into the ear canal and sometimes (often) fall out. These are so lightweight yet have never ever fallen off my head.

I’ve worn these headphones in winter with headbands and in the summer with sunglasses, and there is no interference.

Keeps on working even with water and sweat

These running headphones just work. There is no annoying app to download and configure. They work with Bluetooth. I turn them on, and it automatically finds my phone and connects and plays my audio. No problems. Setting up Bluetooth was a breeze. There are simple volume up/down buttons on the right, and a multi-function button on the left. Simple. Not a gazillion buttons to figure out and memorize.

I like that the left and right headphones are connected. This way, the audio works in both ears at all times, unlike earbuds where one side sometimes does not sync with the other side. You’ll never have that problem with the Aeropex.

I’ve run through light rain storms with these headphones and sweated in hot weather and nothing got damaged. They claim it’s waterproof and sweatproof, and I’ve never experienced anything to contradict that.

The charge time on these headphones is awesome! They’ve held up through my longest runs. As long as I remember to charge them every week or so, they won’t die on a run.

No FOMO with bone conduction

I can have my music playing in these headphones and yet hear every single sound around me. I’ve even had full-blown conversations with other people while the music is playing in my ears. These headphones help reduce my FOMO tendencies because I can hear everything and won’t miss out on a thing 🙂

The bonus perk of bone conduction headphones is the safety factor! I won’t miss out on conversations or hearing the birds chirp, as well as hearing cars coming up behind me, dogs barking, and other potential hazards.

Multi-functional for other cardio and sports

In addition to running, I also use these headphones for so many other exercises. My pre-run and post-run stretches are all done with these headphones. I’ve also done other sports like outdoor yoga with these headphones, and I’ve seen many cyclists ride with them on bike rides.

They are great for working out in the gym as well. I’ve done:

  • Strength training
  • Ab work on the floor
  • Rowing
  • Cardio

When laying down, you do have to adjust the band so that it lays above the nape of your neck for comfort, but it takes half a second to do.

Sometimes when I finish my run I’m rushing off to a work meeting, so I have even used these headphones on conference calls to talk. No problems calling in, listening, and talking with these headphones.

Anything bad?

One very minor thing is that the sound of the beeps when pressing play/pause can be very loud. Unfortunately, it is not adjustable and cannot be turned off. However, I’ve gotten used to the sound of the beeps and it no longer bothers me.

The sound quality is excellent, but if you are an audiophile purist looking for the ultimate audio experience, then do not get these bone conduction headphones and instead stick to traditional headphones that offer true noise cancellation.

Wireless running headphones recommendation

You need the AfterShokz Aeropex Wireless running headphones in your life. They are not cheap but if you are an avid runner, you will get your money’s (and miles’) worth out of these wireless headphones. They are still working for me and I intend to keep using them for many more runs.