I arrived in the Poconos yesterday (Wed night) in anticipation for the Rev3 Pocono Mountain Tri this Sunday.  Yesterday was hectic with all the packing, last minute errands and chores (bakery, food prep, bank, gas, mail, house, dishes, etc.) plus me insisting on getting a swim and yoga workout in.  Then I had to stop by the bike shop to get a new tire put on.  Decided that since I had to return the Quintana Roo earlier in the day (I was testing it and decided not to buy it), the least I could do is get a new tire on my road bike for race day.  Finally, we drove up to the Poconos in separate cars, but followed each other.  Arrived late, hit the grocery store for last minute supplies (ok, and an apple pie), and finally settled in near midnight.  It was a tiring day, and we immediately fell asleep.

After a good night’s sleep and the freedom to sleep in, we decided to pre-ride the Half Rev course.  We had already pre-ridden the Olympic course over July 4th weekend.  Got started in the afternoon for a pretty challenging 55 mile ride starting from Pocono Pines and heading to the Half loop.

We picked up the route where the half course splits off from the Olympic.  I would describe it as pretty hilly and dare I say challenging.  The hills are just long gradual climbs. The downhills are fast and fun, good chance to recover.  Some S-curves on the downhills, but minimal to no braking needed.  The most scenic part is that you get to go through the Walter Dam, which is pretty.  Enjoy it while you can, because directly after that is the “wall”.  It’s short and not that bad. Average grade is 4% but it reaches 12% at some point.  Still, you’ll slow up on it.  I crawled up at 4mph lol.  There are some flat, fast sections as well, but overall, this is definitely a hilly course.  It will be challenging to race on.  I am secretly glad that I will be doing the Olympic instead.

View from the top of the Split Rock

Once we arrived at Split Rock Resort, we climbed up to Split Rock to get a view of this rock.  After all, we had to find out what this resort was named after!  Finally it was a relatively flat ride to get back home. I made my famous beef stir-fry for dinner, which we enjoyed out on the deck overlooking a gorgeous lake! Then we did a 2 mile roundtrip walk to get some icecream at the famous Junction.  Now Shaun is passed out on the air mattress, and my battery just died in my mouse.

The plan tomorrow is to do a short ride then get a swim in, and possibly canoe around the lake.  Good night!!

Eating dinner on the deck with gorgeous sunset view of Lake Pinecrest