This is my fourth year doing the Fondo and I was pleased with my performance.  Beautiful weather for this ride! I got 3rd place QOM in Women’s 30-39.  The bf got 1st place KOM in Men’s 30-39. My SSCC group swept the podium. We had representatives for almost every age group.


  • I love how the ride highlights the beauty of northern Delaware and proves to people that there are, in fact, hills in Delaware!  This ride will continue to be on my top 10 list of best rides ever.
  • Going through Hagley and Winterthur were a highlight, of course.
  • I started at the front of the line right behind the police escort, and that was a great decision.  It eliminates the congestion further back.
  • Rest stops were spaced reasonably apart from each other.  The first had all the good food, or so I was told.  Naturally, I skipped it.  Second rest stop had real bathrooms.  Third rest stop had Woodside Creamery icecream.  Fourth rest stop was so close to the end that you could skip it.
  • Post-race party had a fun atmosphere with upbeat music.  Results and awards were posted and awarded quickly.
  • Post-race spread was decent (pulled pork and pasta salad).  The shorter-distance riders got there first and ate most of it.  They ran out of buns for the pulled pork.  On the upside, there was a great selection of craft beer.


  • I’d like to see a new course. I probably will not be back since the course has not changed at all.
  • The KOM on Ramsey should be extended all the way to the end of the hill, instead of ending in the middle of the hill. Doesn’t make sense.
  • The last 3 rest stops did not offer PB&J sandwiches at all.  This is the quintessential cycling food.  The food at these stops was pretty scant, so stock up from the first one.
  • They should offer women’s specific cut t-shirts and/or bring back the jerseys and include women’s sizing.
  • They should offer a poster for this ride. I like to collect posters from different fondos. For example, NY and NJ Fondos all offer posters (either for free or purchase).
  • The swag bag could be a little better. In the past, they’ve included water bottles, and now that is no longer being offered.
  • I would also appreciate an option to do early packet pickup.
  • They should bring back the bibs. I like wearing bib numbers for major rides like this.
  • On the website, the GPS file for the ride is buried so deep into the site (I found it on the FAQs). That should be prominently included on the actual ride detail page.
  • Finally, where are the photos from the ride?? I checked on Facebook and your website and did not see any.