American Lung Association


Rodney Square
1000 N Market St
Wilmington, DE 19801


$65 – $85


528 runners

About the Race

In its 54th year, this renowned and historic Delaware race stands as the oldest half marathon in the country.

The Caesar Rodney ½ Marathon attracts thousands of runners and features a hilly course that winds through the most beautiful and scenic areas in Wilmington.

Rodney Square

1000 N Market St, Wilmington, DE 19801

Fun race day pics! It was extremely cold at the start. Did this race with some people from my Gore Running Club and new friends from the Frozen Nuts winter race series.  Shaun’s family came out to cheer for us on the course. It was great to see them!  Course was classic Wilmington with a uphill finish at the end to keep it interesting.

Performance-wise, it was disappointing. I had been following a 12-week half marathon training plan from Runner’s World magazine, but it just became too aggressive for me mid-way through. I was running extremely high mileage and felt like I was just wearing my body down. It also took the fun out of running for me and it became something I dreaded and became bitter about.  It was the first time I had followed a plan of any kind, and now I’m leary of doing so again.  I ran in the snow, frigid winds, dark nights, and below freezing temps, but I was okay with all of that.  The plan was just too aggressive and I eventually gave it up midway through. I learned a few things about myself from this experience though.


Don't listen to everybody

They all told me I should be following a plan instead of doing my own thing, so I gave it a shot and this is what happened. I don’t think cookie-cutter plans are for everyone, at least they are not for me.  I think I will be better off making my own plan and following that in the future, or I am entertaining trying a new plan that is heart-rate based instead of based off all these paces I’m supposed to keep.


Training needs to be fun

The minute it stops becoming fun and becomes a chore, is when I lose motivation to workout at all.

So to sum it up, last year I ran 4 half marathons in back to back months, and that destroyed my running. This year I followed a crazy training plan and that killed my running.  Maybe I’ll get it right for 2018.

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