My Tuesday felt like a Monday today.  It was drizzly and downcast most of the day, which normally I don’t mind…unless it interferes with my workouts!  So I was walking upstairs to get changed for my weekly Tuesday night run with a running group from work, when I saw that it was pouring outside! I just didn’t have the heart to run in the rain. I’ve done it before, but right now, with the frequency and distances that I’m running, I’m just a bit more picky. So quick change of plans – I’ll hit the gym!  So happy I got to try the Bodypump 100th release. I was really disappointed that I missed the launch party over the weekend since I was gone away to the Poconos.  But the release was fun and good.  And I was worried about the class being packed due to new year’s resolutions and all, but it was not packed.  Maybe this was due to the class being relatively late at 7:15pm.  So then I came home, did my core routine, showered, and, well, just did not feel like cooking dinner.  In fact, I didn’t cook lunch either. It was just one of the days where you indulge. So I had a can of Well Yes soup for lunch, and a SmartMade meal for dinner. Added in broccoli and brown rice, and had fish sticks on the side.  Finished up with an Airborne and white cheddar popcorn, and that was that.  I was curious about trying those new products anyway (Well Yes and SmartMade), and they are good. Now I get to cuddle up with my heater and enjoy a lovely, quiet night in.  I will run tomorrow. With the temperatures being so nice, I don’t know whether to get my long run in (10 miles) or my easy run (5 miles). We shall see. Race is on Saturday.