Bucket List

Good place to keep track of an actual bucket list! Plus helpful for planning purposes.


Races/One Day Events

  • Road Titans 300+ – October
  • Mountains of Misery
  • Assault on Mt. Mitchell
  • Gran Fondo NY – May
  • Gran Fondo MD – Sept
  • Other Gran Fondos not yet decided.
  • A Gravel Fondo not yet decided.


  • Bike Virginia – June
  • Bonton Roulet in the Finger Lakes of NY – July
  • Cycle Massachusetts: State Bike Tour – August
  • Berkshires to Boston
  • Cycle Adirondacks: August
  • Bike Maine – September
  • Cycle Oregon – September
  • Cycle Greater Yellowstone – August
  • Ride Idaho
  • Cycle the Erie Canal – July
  • La Vuelta Puerto Rico – January – $525 – Circumnavigate the entire island as part of a fast-paced international peloton on this fully supported, three-day, 375-mile event. Choose your peloton and ride at 15-22 mph (avg. 16), 17-25 mph (avg. 18) or 28 mph+!
  • Jamaica Reggae Ride – April & November – $1599 – 3 day, escorted bike ride across the scenic northcoast of the island of Jamaica. The route passes through stunning landscapes, passing coconut & banana plantations, white sand beaches and through quaint fishing villages. Road conditions are excellent along beautifully paved roads! There is are two distance options offered each day. Full distance of approx 60 miles or the shorter ride distance of  around 28 miles.
  • Tour Divide – One stage: 2745 miles along the spine of the Continental Divide. With an average time-to-completion of three weeks in the saddle, this grand tour is the longest, most challenging mountain bike race on the planet.
  • Ride across America


  • American Explorer Award – Cover at least ten different U.S. states and territories on RUSA rides. Already completed:
    1. PA
    2. MD
    3. Puerto Rico
    4. DE
    5. FL (Dec 2017)
  • P-12 Award – Complete a populaire (of <200km) in each of 12 consecutive months
  • R-12 Award – Complete a ride of 200km or more in each of 12 consecutive months
  • Paris-Brest-Paris – 1200km (745 miles) ride under 90 hours. The event is held in August every four years. Beginning on the southern side of the French capital, it travels west 600 kilometers to the port city of Brest on the Atlantic Ocean and returns along the same route. Qualification – All would-be PBP participants must do a Super Randonneur brevet series (200-, 300-, 400-, and 600-kilometer events) in the year of PBP, finishing the series by mid-June.  So this goes hand-in-hand with the below:
  • ACP Brevet Medals – Finish an ACP-sanctioned brevet of 200, 300, 400, 600, or 1000km.
  • Randonneurs Mondiaux 1200km Medal – Finish a 1200km or longer RM-sanctioned randonnée
  • RUSA Distance Awards – Accumulate 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, or 5000 kilometers in RUSA events during a calendar year.
  • Other Grand Brevets not yet decided.

Other Rides

  • Ride to Montauk
  • Bike camp from Pittsburgh to DC via GAP and C&O – Did a little bit each year, will be completed in 2017



  • Frozen Nuts Winter Race Series
  • Winter Pickle Run Series
  • RASAC Snowflake Series
  • Ten Sisters of Dewey Beach Road Race Series – 10 races from May to Sept
  • Fusion Racing Summer Series – 5 races

Half Marathons & Challenges

  • Gasparilla Half Marathon – February
  • Bermuda Triangle Challenge – January – “3 races in 3 days” – Participants will complete the KPMG Front Street Mile, Bermuda 10K and either the Bermuda Half Marathon or Bermuda Marathon.
  • Coastal Delaware Running Festival – April – Fort Miles Challenge – The Fort Miles Challenge combines the 5k on Saturday with the Half Marathon on Sunday.
  • Miami Half Marathon
  • Fort Lauderdale Half Marathon (Completed Feb 2016)
  • NYC Half Marathon (Completed March 2016)
  • Philadelphia Love Run Half Marathon (Completed April 2016)
  • Delaware Half Marathon (Completed May 2016)
  • Philadelphia Half Marathon
  • San Francisco Half Marathon – First Half
  • San Francisco Half Marathon – Second Half
  • Marine Corp Half Marathon
  • Caesar Rodney Half Marathon – March 2017
  • Disney Half & Full Marathon – Goofy’s Challenge – Goofy’s Race and a Half Challenge combines Saturday’s Half Marathon – over 13.1 miles through Magic Kingdom® Park and Epcot® – with Sunday’s Marathon, which covers 26.2 miles through all four Walt Disney World® Theme Parks including Epcot®, Magic Kingdom® Park, Disney’s Animal Kingdom® Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios®.

Other Distances

    • Cherry Blossom 10-Miler
    • Broad Street Run
    • Various Pacers Running events
    • Run 1000 miles in a year – maybe lol

Rock ‘n’ Roll Series

  • Remix Challenge – Any combination of distances qualifies for the Remix Challenge Medal. Participants must complete one event on Saturday and one event on Sunday during the same Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series event weekend.
  • Heavy Medals – Complete 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, or 10 Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon Series marathons or half marathons in a calendar year
  • Finisher Medals
    • Washington DC – March (5k completed)
    • Dallas – March
    • Mexico City – March
    • San Francisco – March
    • Raleigh – April
    • Carlsbad 5000 – April
    • Madrid – April
    • Nashville – April
    • Liverpool – May
    • San Diego – June
    • Seattle – June
    • Chicago – July
    • Dublin – August
    • Virginia Beach – September
    • Philadelphia – September
    • Montréal – September
    • Queretaro – Sep
    • San Jose – October
    • Brooklyn – October
    • Denver – October
    • Lisbon – October
    • St. Louis – October
    • Los Angeles – October
    • Savannah – November
    • Merida – November
    • Las Vegas – November
    • San Antonio – December
    • Arizona – January
    • New Orleans – March


  • Complete a half Ironman
  • Complete a full Ironman


  • Hike the Appalachian Trail

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This site is a collection of race reviews, ride reports, and musings on life. It focuses on my love of the outdoors, primarily triathlon, cycling, and running, with some training, traveling, and race-cations thrown in.  I race year round, and almost every week in the warmer months.

I hope these race reviews and reports serve as a resource to athletes everywhere about which races to add to your bucket list and which ones to just plain avoid altogether.

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