Rehoboth Seashore Half Marathon

Rehoboth Seashore Half Marathon


Rehoboth Beach Running Co.


Rehoboth Ave and the bandstand
Rehoboth Beach, DE




2,588 Finishers in 2019 (both full and half)

Fast, flat scenic course. Full marathon and Half Marathon. Spectator Points:

  • Gordon’s Pond
  • Grove Park
  • Herring Point Parking lot (in Cape Henlopen State Park)
  • Wolf Neck Road Parking lot.

Split Rock Resort

Rehoboth Ave & the bandstand, Rehoboth Beach, DE

Pre-Race Guide

  • The half marathon race sells out, so make sure to register early. I was too late and got put on the wait list, but I did manage to get in. 
  • Swag included a gender-specific long-sleeve tech shirt and a reusable bag.
  • Packet pickup available the day before and morning of the race.
  • Start line and finish line are in separate areas but not far from each other.
  • There are numbered boxes at the start line that you can place your throwaway gear in.  These boxes are moved to the finish line for you to collect any items. I thought it was a genius way of handling gear check-in without any lines or needing anyone to staff it.  Great idea!  
  • There is an app for live tracking but I did not use it.
  • There is an active Facebook group dedicated to this race, which I found very helpful.


We arrived on Fri night and left on Sunday afternoon. We stayed in a rental home in the “Section 8” area of Rehoboth Beach, but everything is in walking distance.  We literally parked the car and did not drive at all while down there. Rehoboth Beach is a thriving community with boutiques and a great selection of places to eat. I was really charmed by this town.

Chilly start to race

The start to the race was underwhelming. There was a horn and then the race started. No countdown, music, or announcements. The porta-potty line was so long that I was still in line when the race started. Race starting temperature was just above freezing. 


I crushed my PR by over 3 minutes!

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Allison rides 4-5 times a week with various cycling clubs in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. When not riding, she spends her time researching and planning her next ride. Allison also runs and competes in triathlons.

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