Medford Lakes Colony Sprint Tri

Medford Lakes Colony Sprint Tri


DQ Events


Medford Lakes Colony
Medford Lakes, NJ 08055


$70 – $90


249 Triathletes in 2017

About the Race

1/4 mile swim in a clean lake private beach. 2 loops for the bike for 17.2 miles. Out and back 5k run.

Race Review

Typical local race put on by DQ Events.  By that, I mean that it’s a bare bones, low-key, casual kind of triathlon.  The transition stretched all the way from the beach to the bike out, so it was kind of  cool seeing it all sprawled out along the water. First come, first serve, so I was able to grab a spot semi close to the bike-out before I even headed to registration.  Body marking by magic marker. I was satisfied by the amount of porta potties there.


Swim was crowded as there were only a few waves. It was wetsuit legal.  Buoys on the right shoulder. Start in the water.  Course was an out-and-back, but there was a bend in the swim you need to be aware of. I was not, and ended up swimming longer distance and losing precious time.

Bike was 2 laps and relatively flat.  It was a rough ride as the roads were mottled with pot holes and other hazards.

Run was an out-and-back, and seemed to go on forever! My watch registered a much longer distance than a 5k.

Post-race party consisted of some cookies and hoagies. There were giveaways during the awards ceremony so hang on to those bibs.

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Allison rides 4-5 times a week with various cycling clubs in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. When not riding, she spends her time researching and planning her next ride. Allison also runs and competes in triathlons.

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