Rainy Tuesday

My Tuesday felt like a Monday today.  It was drizzly and downcast most of the day, which normally I don’t mind…unless it interferes with my workouts!  So I was walking upstairs to get changed for my weekly Tuesday night run with a running group from work, when I saw that it was pouring outside! I just didn’t have the heart to run in the rain. I’ve done it before, but right now, with the frequency and distances that I’m running, I’m just a bit more picky. So quick change of plans – I’ll hit the gym!  So happy I got to try the Bodypump 100th release. I was really disappointed that I missed the launch party over the weekend since I was gone away to the Poconos.  But the release was fun and good.  And I was worried about the class being packed due to new year’s resolutions and all, but it was not packed.  Maybe this was due to the class being relatively late at 7:15pm.  So then I came home, did my core routine, showered, and, well, just did not feel like cooking dinner.  In fact, I didn’t cook lunch either. It was just one of the days where you indulge. So I had a can of Well Yes soup for lunch, and a SmartMade meal for dinner. Added in broccoli and brown rice, and had fish sticks on the side.  Finished up with an Airborne and white cheddar popcorn, and that was that.  I was curious about trying those new products anyway (Well Yes and SmartMade), and they are good. Now I get to cuddle up with my heater and enjoy a lovely, quiet night in.  I will run tomorrow. With the temperatures being so nice, I don’t know whether to get my long run in (10 miles) or my easy run (5 miles). We shall see. Race is on Saturday.

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Allison rides 4-5 times a week with various cycling clubs in Maryland, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware. When not riding, she spends her time researching and planning her next ride. Allison also runs and competes in triathlons.

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